Common MECM (SCCM) errors for vScope discoveries


The first thing vScope checks for in the MECM (SCCM) database is the Sites table. If it does not find one vScope will show “SYSTEM NOT SUPPORTED” and abort the MECM (SCCM) inventory.


    1. Does the service account for the MECM (SCCM) data source have enough read permissions? If it’s not allowed to read the Sites table it won’t find it.
    2. Is the correct port for the MECM (SCCM) SQL database set up (default 1433)? If you have set up another you can set a Custom Port in Discovery Manager.
    3. Confirm you can run the following SQL query and get a result, it’s the same vScope uses to find the Sites table:
      SELECT name FROM sys.databases WHERE CASE WHEN state_desc = 'ONLINE' THEN OBJECT_ID(QUOTENAME(name) + '.[dbo].[Sites]', 'U') END IS NOT NULL
    4. Still not working? Please contact our support.

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