Minimum rights to read MCEM (SCCM)

vScope uses the MCEM’s (formerly SCCM) SQL database as a data source for MCEM. The service account for inventorying MCEM (SCCM) will therefore need a minimum of MS SQL role “db_datareader”.

How to set up minimum read rights to the MCEM (SCCM) database

  1. Log onto the SQL database for the SCCM.
  2. Create a user (sccmreader). In the example we used SQL Server Authentication, but it’s possible to use Windows authentication if a domain account is preferred.
  3. Set Default database to the SCCM database, in this case CM_IL1

  4. Server roles: Set to public
  5. User Mapping: Users mapped to this login: Check the SCCM database (CM_IL1)
  6. User Mapping: Database role membership for CM_IL1: Check db_datareader

  7. Status: Ensure that the user is allowed to connect and is active
  8. Done!

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