WMI – Troubleshoot ‘Access Denied’ Error

If you are unable to Discover machines with WMI and receive “Access Denied.” as error message, here are som tips to troubleshoot it.

1. Check the privileges of the WMI-credential

Make sure that the account that is used is allowed to read the targeted machine(s). Here is a guide describing how set up local accounts to access specific machine/machines: Setting up WMI access via AD GPO.

2. Ensure that the account’s password is correct and not expired

Please verify this in both vScope and through your Active Directory. If your password contains special characters (eg. “,$,%,<), some Windows OS:s might not accept the password and throw “access denied”.

3. Make sure the local time is correctly set on the targeted machine(s)

A major time difference between the vScope server and the targeted machine(s) can cause unexpected results.

4. Ensure that NTLM is enabled on target machines

NTLM needs to be enabled on the server for the WMI authentication to work.

If the above suggested solutions does not solve the error message, please try removing and re-adding the machine to the domain or contact us via the Online support form or on support@infrasightlabs.com.

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