Network Error IOException: Connection Refused: Connect

The Network error IOException: Connection refused means that there is no database server listening on the specified port on the IP address. To troubleshoot, please control the following:

Erroneous server name/IP

Please ensure that you are using the correct servername/IP to Discover the MSSQL server

Microsoft SQL Server is not configured to use TCP/IP

Check if TCP/IP is configured on the SQL Server:

  1. Open the Configuration Manager:
    Start -> Microsoft SQL Server -> Configuration Tools -> SQL Server Configuration Manager
  2. Enable the TCP/IP: from the left-hand tree choose:
    SQL Server Network Configuration-> Protocol for SQLEXPRESS-> TCP/IP
    Right-click and enable it.
  3. Double-click the TCP/IP and click on the “IP Addresses” Tab
  4. Adding TCP/IP port: Enter TCP Port value to 1433 then click apply
  5. Restart SQL Server: from the left-hand tree, choose:
    SQL Server Services -> SQL Server (SQLEXPRESS) -> right-click and restart.

There is a firewall blocking the specified port on the server

vScope is running Discoveries on the default port 1433. Ensure that this port is open and accessible from the vScope server.

SQL instance is running on dynamic ports

In order for vScope to Discover SQL instances using dynamic ports you will need to enable the SQL Server Browser Service. Please follow the steps in this FAQ to get started: Discovery of SQL Expresss and instances running on dynamic ports.

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