Missing Primary User values for Clients in vScope

vScope retrieves the information about clients from the MCEM (SCCM) SQL database. If information about your devices is missing in vScope, you need to troubleshoot to see if vScope has read access to the right SQL tables.


Confirm if the SQL table contains primary users

The following query is used by vScope to retrieve Primary User information from the MCEM (SCCM):

SELECT * FROM [CM_CAS].[dbo].[v_UsersPrimaryMachines]

  1. Try to query the MCEM (SCCM) SQL database using the same credential as in vScope. Is the returned SQL table empty or populated?
  2. Try the query using a credential with higher permissions. Is the returned table still empty?

If the queries return with empty tables, chances are that the MCEM (SCCM) does not contain information about Primary Users and you need to set this up:

If step (2) returned a populated SQL table, but step (1) did not, it means that the credential vScope uses does not have sufficient read permission to the database. Make the correct changes to the service account vScope uses for MCEM (SCCM).

Be sure to use MCEM (SCCM) Primary Sites as Targets

The CAS (Central Administration Site) does not contain as much information about the devices as the Primary Sites. If you use a CAS, make sure to inventory all your Primary Sites instead.

Still not working?

Please don’t hesitate to contact our Support at support@infrasightlabs.com, they are happy to help!

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