How to add Bitlocker information from MECM (SCCM) to vScope

Bitlocker information from MECM (SCCM) can be found in the SQL View “v_GS_encryptable_volume”. The value to retrieve from the SCCM to see if a disk on a machine has Bitlocker enabled is “ProtectionStatus0”.

The Bitlocker Status tag will later be found for the Resource Type ‘Disks’.

How to retrieve Bitlocker Status from MECM

1. Start off by going to Tag Manager -> Click on Created from discovery -> + Create tag.

2. Choose “Disks”, since “protectionstatus0” is read from the disk.

3. Give the tag a name. In the example it’s named “SCCM – Bitlocker Status” to make it clear that the value is retrieved from SCCM.

Search for the value “protectionstatus0” and select it.

4. Tell vScope to interpret the value retrieved as Text.


vScope will inventory the Bitlocker status from the next discovery. The value in the Disks table will be presented as:

  • 0 (Bitlocker is not enabled for the disk)
  • 1 (Bitlocker is enabled for the disk)
  • Other (Misconfigured)

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