Disable WMI Discovery of Windows ISCSI-Component

A bug in Windows 2008 may cause WMI querying to deadlock the iSCSI component in Windows. This problem may cause WMI on the target machine to hang, resulting in vScope not being able to update the data about this target. The issue can be fixed by applying this patch to each target Windows machine: https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/975751.

Another solution is to make vScope skip discovery of iSCSI though WMI (this may result in incomplete discovery data about the iSCSI-component, but there will be no need to apply the patch above). Do the following:

  • Stop vScope Server service
  • Open the file C:vScopeDataconfigurationconfig.ini (This file may be on another drive)
  • If there is no such file, create it.
  • Add this line to the file: discovery.probe.wmi.query_iscsi=false
  • Restart the vScope Server service

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