Troubleshoot WMI ‘RPC server is unavailable’

If you receive the error message “RPC server is unavailable” when trying to discover information with WMI there are four plausible issues:

1. Stopped RPC service

Ensure that the RPC service on the targeted servers is running and accessible.

TROUBLESHOOTLook at the running services on the servers.

2. Name resolution issues

The RPC server’s name may be resolving to the wrong IP address which results in vScope attempting to discover WMI information from an IP that is not in use.

TROUBLESHOOTTry to ping the hostname and the corresponding IP address.

3. Traffic blocked by firewall

Overview the firewall settings or if any security application is preventing traffic on the TCP port 135. The RPC service may also alternate on dynamic ports between TCP/UDP 49152-65535.

TROUBLESHOOT – First check if the port on the vScope server is open for outgoing traffic. Secondly, ensure that the port is open on the targeted servers.

4. Connectivity issues

The server might be down or inaccessible due to network-related issues. You can ensure access from the vScope server to the target using the following guide:

How to confirm WMI access through DCOM and WinRM

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