Why have data disappeared in vScope?

There can be several reasons for data disappearing in vScope. While troubleshooting it’s important to know that vScope never creates data of it’s own it only reflects what is found in the data sources you have configured in Discovery Manager.

Reason 1: The data object(s) no longer exist/have been moved

To ensure that the data shown in vScope is relevant, vScope only keeps data for a short amount of time. If an object disappears it means that vScope can’t find it anymore. The object might have been moved or deleted, without defining it’s new IP address in Discovery Manager.

The option “Mark as removed” sets for how long vScope keeps data if it’s no longer found.

Reason 2: Something have happened to the Discovery

For vScope to collect data from the different data sources you need a functioning read account and the vScope server needs to be able to access the data sources.

Changes to the service account, such as an expired password, would mean that vScope no longer can access the data and it would disappear. In the same way, changes made affecting the vScope server, such as new firewall rules could keep vScope from accessing data.

Need help troubleshooting?

Our experienced support team is happy to assist with the troubleshooting. You can contact us at support@infrasightlabs.com.

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