Why are some columns missing values/information?

A frequently asked question is why some of the tag cells in the columns are missing values. The answer isn’t straightforward, but in this article we’ll explain why this is the case for some tags and how to troubleshoot if expected values are missing.

vScope can’t report what it can’t see

vScope never creates information of it’s own, it only reflects what it finds in the data sources. If vScope don’t have full read access to a data source, the information will come out short and only show what vScope have found. In some cases this will mean that a value in a column is empty, or only shows partial information (Fine-Grained Password Policies in the Active Directory is a good example of this).

All available tags are shown in vScope

There are many available tags in the different resource type tables in Table Explorer. In the resource type All Machines, for example, there are tags available for all machine types and operative systems. Such as hosts, servers, clients and Windows/Linux specific tags. Naturally, the values in the Linux tags will be empty for Windows machines in Table Explorer.

Troubleshooting empty values – Should there be something?

Troubleshooting the issue can be hard since vScope can’t report that it don’t have access to information, since it doesn’t know information exists. One way to confirm this is to go straight to the source and see wether an expected value exists or not.
Make sure that:
  • There exists a value in the data source for vScope to retrieve. Is it possible to confirm its existence by logging on to the server or with a script?
  • If there’s no value, the column is supposed to be empty for the resource.
  • If there is a value you need to troubleshoot why vScope can’t access it. Does the credential have sufficient read permissions? Is it possible to see the value with a different account?

Adjust the permissions for the currently used service account or update the credential in Discovery Manager if there was a issue with read permissions.

Still not working?

Don’t hesitate to contact our Support at support@infrasightlabs.com. They are always happy to help and assist with troubleshooting.

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