Why are MECM (SCCM) machines missing in vScope?

To be able to match a machine with itself from various data sources, vScope needs a unique identifier. Machines from MECM only show up in the All Machines table and gets a properties page if vScope can find a BIOS serial number. The MECM agent needs to be installed and active on the machine for this value to be available.

vScope can, however, create a machine as a Directory Machine in vScope. For this, it needs Name and Domain, or DNS hostname.

Where is vScope looking for this in the MECM (SCCM) SQL database?

For a Directory Machine entry in vScope:
It needs to be a row in SELECT * FROM [” + databaseName + “].[dbo].[v_R_System].

For an All Machines entry in vScope:
The row for Directory Machines is required, as well as SELECT * FROM [” + databaseName + “].[dbo].[v_GS_PC_BIOS], with a value in SerialNumber0.

These two results from the database are matched using the ResourceID that’s available in both tables.

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