What Happens If the License Limit Is Exceeded?

Do you want to upgrade your vScope license?

If your vScope has inventoried too much information (eg. servers, databases, VMs, printers etc.), data will be capped from showing. This might result in inaccurate reports and analysis where not all relevant information is visible. However vScope will be fully functional and behave just like before in terms of features.

When the license limited is exceeded you will be prompted with the following float:

Notice – This float is showing for an Administrator in vScope. Contributors and Users can only dismiss this warning. No license warning is given to Viewers.

How can I fix this?

Only people that have a login to vScope Account page will be able to upgrade the license limit. Administrators in vScope will have access to a direct link to vScope Account page.

To upgrade the license you will need to login to your organization’s vScope Account page.

Need help?

Contact support@infrasightlabs.com to have any questions answered regarding license issues.

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