The Concept of Users and Collaborations

vScope is a collaborative platform that allows organizations to make information about their IT accessible to anyone in need of relevant insights. In order to access the information, a vScope user account is required. This account can be used to access reports, documentation, analysis and Dashboards or, if an admin account, used to distribute and publish information to stakeholders of IT.

1. About user accounts

1.1. Manual user account

A user account can manually be added to vScope. All user information and settings are stored in vScope.

1.2. User account from directory service

A user account can be created using the settings from a directory service (eg. Active Directory). This requires an integration to a directory service. Once set up, users will be able to reuse their domain account’s credentials to login to vScope. A user generated from a directory service is highlighted with a globe in the User and Groups section.

User accounts from a directory service is automatically mapped to a permission group in vScope based on its directory group belonging.

Read more about how to integrate vScope with a directory service.

2. Permission groups

A user account’s right to view information in vScope is defined using Permission groups. There are four permission groups.

2.1. Admin

Can view and browse all information, add more information and add more user accounts to vScope.

2.2. Contributor

Can view all information and add more information to vScope using tags.

2.3. User

Can view all information.

2.4. Viewer

Can not view any information in vScope by default. Reports, documentation and dashboards must explicitly be shared with the viewer.

3. Custom groups

Accounts can be categorized into groups. Use the groups to quickly share information to all persons in a group. Custom groups have no permission level.

4. Collaboration

Content in vScope can be shared using the collaboration features. Collaboration in vScope is very easy and consists of saving information/views, sharing it with other vScope users and set an access mode to the user. Admins will always have write permission to any content.

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