Specify Ports for Certificate Scanning

By default vScope searches for certificates on all known targets (that is: added to Discovery Manager or found from any other target eg. a vCenter). The probe uses the default ports 443 (standard HTTPS) and 8443 (alternative HTTPS). The probe also looks at ports 80 and 8080 with HTTP, and checks if it gets any redirects to a HTTPS URL. If it does, the probe checks for certificates on those as well.

To specify ports for the certificate scan you need to define which HTTPS ports the probe should check for certificates. This is done in the backend settings (on the vScope server):

1. Go to

2. Open the file

3. Add row:


(separate the ports you wish to test with commas, in this example we added the ports XXXX, YYY and 1234)

4. Save

During the next Discovery vScope will now also look for certficates on both the default ports and those you defined in config.ini.

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