Connecting to Storage Area Network (SAN) Using SMI-S

vScope uses SMI-S to read SAN storage data from various vendors. SMI-S is also used to connect SAN to Microsoft Hyper-V. A good start when enabling SMI-S for vScope is therefore to enable SMI-S for SCVMM. Read more in resources below:

Dell Compellent

Dell Equallogic

To our knowledge, Dell Equallogic does not support SMI-S.


  • Target: SMI-S access is provided by a separate SMI-S Provider. This is not the VNX-appliance as such

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YouTube video

Microsoft Technet

Hitachi Vantara

Hitachi Vantara SMI-S Guide


SMI-S feature must be enabled. If disabled, enable it via the 3PAR Command Line Interface (CLI) using the command “startcim”. To check status of the SMI-S Provider use the command “showcim”. Restart the SMI-S Provider by “stopcim –f –x”

Target: Main cabinet
Credentials: Use the highest rights possible

IBM Storwize

  • Target: A typical configuration for your CIM client is to use the CIMOM that is located at https://cluster_ip (vScope uses the default port 5989). Read more
    • NOTE: Older variants of IBM Storwize have another SMI-S provider on the management IP, although IBM does not recommend using this due to various performance problems. Make sure to use the provider from the cluster IP
    • Follow these steps to find the IP for the cluster:  From the SVC GUI –> From TestProvider utility or from Confirm Provider in the Profiler GUI config page(only from Profiler version 4.9.1 or greater) –> Connect to the CIMOM on the management Console –> Enumerate CIM_ComputerSystem class. IP of the cluster is part of the identifier for the cluster instance
    • On V3700, you may use the CLI to list IP addresses. Issue the lssystemip command to list the current IP addresses that are used by the system. Read more
  • Make sure SMI-S is enabled (It is normally enabled by default, but might be disabled in some cases)
  • Credentials: Use an account with the highest possible read rights (a “Monitor”-account gives certain info, but an “Operator” gives more. Superuser is the highest role). Read more

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  • Target: SMI-S is provided by a separate SMI-S provider

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NetApp Community – How to enabled SMI-S

NetApp – About SMI-S


  • Target: SMI-S provider is integrated in the storage array

“Nimble’s implementation of SMI-S is embedded into the storage array, and ready to serve CIM requests from any SMI-S client, right out of the box, without requiring the installation of additional hardware or software.”


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