Requirements for MCEM (SCCM) integration

To add MCEM (SCCM) as a data source in vScope you need:

  1. A credential with full read permissions
  2. Access to the MCEM (SCCM) SQL database
  3. The port number (default: 1433)

For best result we suggest you enable the following values under ‘Hardware Inventory‘ in MCEM (SCCM):

  • Computer System Product (Win_32ComputerSystemProduct)
  • Operating System (Win32_OperatingSystem)
  • Process (Win32_Process)
  • Quick Fix Engineering (Win32_quickfixengineering)
  • Win32_DiskDrives
  • Win32_DiskPartition

These values are not enabled by default for SCCM 2016.

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