How to upload a HTTPS certificate for the vScope service

⚠️ Uploading certificates to vScope is no longer supported by Internet Explorer due to EOL.

Important before you start:

You can set up the HTTPS certificate from Settings > Advanced > HTTPS. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Enable HTTPS
  2. Upload your keystore.
  3. Provide the required information. Depending on the certificate keystore settings, the required fields may vary. In some cases, Key password and Keystore password have the same value.
  4. Click Save.
    • If there is something wrong with the settings, an error description is shown next to the Save button. Resolve the errors and click Save again.
    • If the upload was successful click “Reload webservice” at the top.

Any accesses via http://vscope will be redirected to https://vscope. If not:

  • Make sure 443 on the vScope server is not blocked by a firewall!
  • Change from HTTP to HTTPS (and from port 80 to 443) in Miscellaneous->Base URL.

Reverse Proxy

If vScope is behind a reverse proxy and is accessed via i.e. which forwards traffic to vScope, the certificate should only be enabled in the reverse proxy and not in vScope.
We do not recommend both https in the reverse proxy and vScope at the same time and that setup is beyond the scope of this guide.

Need help?

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