Get Started with Service Mapping

vScope Service Mapping allows organizations to create a service catalog based on their inventory in vScope. Document your integrations, system dependencies, and all the components related to the service.

Creating the first service card

Click on the icon in the sidebar to open Service Mapping.

Each service you create in vScope needs a Service Card, these can be attached to an owner in vScope. Click on Create IT Service to build your first service.

Select layout

There are two default layouts available. Pick the one that’s most suitable for the service that you wish to build. Next name your Service Card and set a description (optional). Then Click Create IT Service to start building your service.

Read about how to customize and create new layouts.

Adding information to a Service Card

Now all that’s left to do is to fill in the empty fields with information about your service.

Start off by filling in the details about the service. Such as the owner of the service and who colleagues can contact if something would happen to the service.

Components & Service Relationships
Continue building your service by adding related services and components from the data center, such as servers, databases, user group access, etc.

Services need to have a Service Card in vScope already before it can be related to another service.

When mapping components, vScope will make suggestions if you have Inventory & Reporting, otherwise you can manually add a component, it is however not advised.

Components found by vScope Inventory & Reporting

Add a manual component

Save when you are done.

Example of a finished service card. You can always edit the Service Card.

Tracker analysis for your Service Card

*Requires a license for vScope Inventory & Reporting

The Tracker feature on a Service Card analyses the components attached to a service, alerting users of potential issues and optimization opportunities.

Collaborators for Service Cards

Share your Service Cards with colleagues and partners that have access to vScope. Just click on Collaborators on the Service Card you wish to share.

Learn more

Beginner’s Guide to Service Mapping

Customize Service Card layouts and fields

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