Script folders used for inventory of Windows OS

vScope uses temp folders to store scripts for inventory. There are two temp folders that are used.

1. Folders on the vScope server

To customize the temp folder for scripts on the vScope server, add the following lines to config.ini (C:\vScopeData\configuration\config.ini):

setting discovery.probe.wmi.local_script_folder %TEMP%
setting discovery.probe.wmi.local_script_folder c:\\windows\\temp
setting discovery.probe.wmi.local_script_folder null

Change c:\\windows\\temp to any path of your choice. If anything fails during use of temporary folder vScope will default back to the default temp folder.

2.  Folders on remote Windows servers (applicable for WinRM only)

By default vScope runs PowerShell scrips using a TEMP folder on each remote machine. This temp folder is defined in the environmental variable $env:temp. Default, the variable will resolve to:


Notice – The TEMP folder is inaccessible for any user not having Administrator privileges on the machine

To change the default remote folder to run PowerShell script, add the following line to the config.ini-file found on the vScope Server:


Add a new line:


Please ensure that the selected path is editable (write) and that the user have access and permission to that path.

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