How to Activate an Offline vScope Installation

We recommend you to run vScope on a server with internet access in order to automatically receive updates and fixes from our license server. However it is sometimes inevitable to install and run vScope on a server in a closed network. In order to run such offline vScope you will have to activate the installation with a license file.

How to get the license file

The license file is either sent to you by an InfraSight rep or you can access all available licenses from the Account & Billing service.

How to upload the license file to vScope

1. From the installation

If you are trying to install vScope on a machine with no internet connectivity you will end up on a page that is requesting a license file to be uploaded in order to finish the installation.

2. From Settings in vScope

If you already have a vScope running on an offline server you can uploaded the license file from the Subscription page under Settings, by clicking the “Activate license” button.


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