How Do I Use the Filter Panel?

There are two different ways to use the filter panel in vScope,  basic filters and filtering using regex.

Basic filters

Using the check boxes

One click – only show checked values. The example below will filter the table to show all machines with Host RAM of 4095.11 Mbytes.

Two clicks – Filter on NOT checked values. This commando will tell vScope to filter the table to show all machines that doesn’t have 4095.11 Mbytes of Host RAM.

Three clicks – Reset the box.

Range and Date Filter

You can filter on ranges and dates as well. For example, to view values greater than 90 (days in this example) type “90d-” and enter. For the opposite filter simply type “-90d” on the range.

Match filter

If you for example wish to filter a table to view all machines that run different versions of Windows, without having to check all the boxes in the filter panel you can use the match filter. Simply type “*value*” and press enter. You can also use the check box for the match filter to also filter on machines NOT matching OS by clicking it twice.

AND & OR filters

You can combine filters into “AND/OR”-filters by drag-and-drop filter boxes onto each other.

Notice This functionality only works for filters with the same TAG


The following filter will list all machines that have Installed Applications =

7-Zip 16.04


Adobe Flash Player 13

If we want to list all machines that have both 7-Zip AND Adobe Flash installed, we will click (and hold) on one of the filter boxes and drag it above the other box.

This will merge the filter boxes and, as you notice, add an AND between the filters.

Double-click it will split it into two filters again, making it an OR filter

Combining not filters

You can combine as many filter as you want (using the same tag). You can also combine “NOT”-filters to custom you filter exactly as you want:

Regex filters

Regex filters are about more advanced than the basic filter options, but can be used almost everywhere in vScope. You can read more about it here.

Filter on right click

When IT-administrators and managers have instant insights about their IT infrastructure they work faster and make better decisions. Table Explorer in vScope has new right click menu, making it easier and faster to work with filters so that insights are easier made. Just point and click!

Let’s have a look at a few examples.

Making selections

Point at a row or a selection of rows to either shortlist or hide from the list? This is useful when you know exactly which entries you would like in your list.

The three selected machines will show up in the resulting list.

Filter on cell-value

Would you like to know about all items sharing a condition you see somewhere in Table Explorer?

Like: Show me all servers using that DNS-server?

Just point at a cell, and add a filter based on that cell.

The result in this case is a list with servers using DNS-servers and

This function works in everywhere in vScope of course, so it may be applied on other resources than just Machines.

Example: Only show File Systems on root c:

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