Connecting to Adobe with OAuth

Integrating Adobe with vScope allows you to view Product Plan assignments, Adobe Users, and groups in vScope. By combining the information with assets from your Active Directory, G Suite, and O365, you will have a much richer picture of licensing spend across your organization. Here are the steps to get started.

For connecting to Adobe with JWT, follow this link.

1. Login to, choose organization, create a new project.

2. Add API

3. Click “User Management API”, then click Next.

4. Choose OAuth Server-Server as authentication method, name the credential and click Save configured API.

5. Click “OAuth Server-to-Server

6. Copy Client ID and Organization ID to a text document. Then click Retrieve client secret.

7. Copy the Client secret and paste it to the same text document.

8. Go to vScope-> Discovery-> Credentials and add a new credential. Choose “Credential type Adobe OAuth Server-to-Server Credential”, then add the credential details. If everything is set up correctly you should get a green tick when testing. Click Save and run a discovery.

And that’s it! After you have run a discovery, you can type “Adobe Licensing” in the search bar to find everything you need to know about your adobe licensing.