Why is Active Directory Information Missing/Incorrect?

vScope can inventory Active Directory information with the LDAP and AzureRM data sources. These are set up in the Discovery Manager.

Common reasons why information is missing

The credential don’t have read access to the entire Active Directory

Sometimes the read account used as credential doesn’t have sufficient or have limited read access in the Active Directory. Make sure that the credential is updated and have the correct read permissions.

Not all Domain Controllers/Active Directories are discovered

Sometimes only one or a few of the available Domain Controllers are set as a target for the LDAP credential in Discovery Manager. Make sure that the LDAP credential have full coverage of all DC’s/LDAP’s.

The Azure Active Directory is not used as a data source

Another common reason for incorrect information being shown in vScope is because the Azure AD is not set up as a data source. Make sure that the connection is working or set up the data source in vScope. Our Support is more than happy to assist with the setup!

Is information still missing?

Please contact our Support at support@infrasightlabs.com or through the form available at https://www.vscope.net/support/.

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