How to retrieve more information from integrations for vScope

vScope is bundled with lots of default information and tags. And although these seem like a lot, they’re far from everything potentially available to you. In this article, we’ll show you how to add more values from the integrations in vScope.

You need to be an administrator in vScope to access this feature.

Video: Retrieving more tags for vScope

1. Go to Tag Manager

Go to the Tag Manager in the down in the side menu and click on the tab “Created by Discovery”. Here’s where you’ll find all the extra tags that vScope is getting from integrations.

2. Select integration and asset type

You can see which integrations you can add more values from by clicking on “+Create tag”. The highlighted component buttons are where you can add more information about your assets, and the component type you’ll find it on later.

3. Give the tag a name and select a value

After selecting the integration and component you need to select what value vScope will retrieve from the next discovery and on. Give the new tag a name, for example, “Azure Mobile Phone” if you were to retrieve that value from Azure AD.

You can also choose how vScope will interpret the value, for example date or text value.

Step 4: Run a discovery and find the new tag

vScope needs to discover the integration once more before you can view the new tag in Table Explorer. You can either run a full discovery or run a single discovery of the integration as shown in the video above.

After the discovery you’ll find your new tag amongst the others in Table Explorer.

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