Connecting to Endpoint Central (Desktop Central)

Integrating Endpoint Central with vScope allows you to view the machines and mobile devices you have in Endpoint Central.

Notice: You can connect to both Endpoint Central and Endpoint Central MSP Edition. In vScope, you connect using the same credential.

Creating a user for vScope in Endpoint Central

  1. Log in to your Endpoint Central installation with an admin account.
  2. Click on the “Admin” tab in the top panel and then click on “User Administration” to the right.
  3. Now proceed to the “Role” tab and click on “+Add Role”
  4. Give the role an appropriate name, such as vScope, and make sure that it has read access to everything. Make sure to save the role before continuing.
  5. Return to the “User” tab and click on “+Add User”
  6. Fill in all the required information for the user account.
    • You are required to choose a “User name”, “Password”, “Email” and “Role”. Make sure that you choose the new role that we created earlier in the guide. Under “Step 2: Define Scope” make sure that you have chosen “All Computers” & “All Devices” as pictured below.
  7. Now head on over to vScope and go to Discovery Manager > Credentials Tab > Click on “+ Credential” > Choose Endpoint Central. Notice: vScope Administrator permissions are required.
  8. Fill in the username and password in the credential. The username and password you input here should be for the account that we created earlier in Endpoint Central.
  9. Add a target to your Endpoint Central installation as pictured below.
  10. Confirm that the correct port is used under the Advanced option.
  11. Click on Test credential, it should light up green.
  12. If not green try to read the error message, most likely one of the fields has not been filled with the right information.
  13. If green, run a Discovery and start populating vScope with the new assets.

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