Connecting to Nutanix Prism Central

Integrate vScope with Nutanix Prism Central to collect information about VMs, clusters, storage, and more. The information is automatically cross-referenced with other data sources such as SCCM, Windows/Linux OS, and Active Directory.

Adding Nutanix Prism Central in Discovery Manager

  1. Go to Discovery Manager > Credentials
  2. Click + Credential
  3. Select Nutanix
  1. Enter a Credential for Nutanix

    Notice: This user must have READ permissions to the Nutanix API, eg. Prism Viewer.

  2. Under Advanced you can change what port to use. Default value: 9440 (TCP)
  3. Add target hostname to Nutanix Prism Central (eg.
    Optional: Click the lightning icon to test the connection

7. Click Save
8. Run a discovery. You can run a partial discovery by selecting the row for Nutanix and clicking “Rediscover”

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