Create recovery user account

  1. Stop the vScope Service.
  2. In C:\vScopeData\global\usermanager create a file named onetime and make sure it is saved in UTF-8 format.
  • In this file add a username and a password for the recovery user, as well as the license instance id of the installation:

recovery.username= USERNAME
recovery.password= PASSWORD
recovery.licenseid= Contact Support for License Instance ID

The license instance id requirement is a safety measure to make sure that you know enough about the installation to be allowed to create a recovery user. The license instance id can be obtained by us if not visible elsewhere.

  1. Start the vScope Service. A recovery user will be generated upon start and added to the vScope Admins group. The onetime file will be deleted in this process if everything goes OK.
  2. Login with the same username and password entered in the onetime file.
  3. Perform the recovery actions such as adding users, logging in as another user and changing password, fixing directory integration etc.

The recovery user will exist until manually deleted.