Connecting to Active Directory (LDAP)

By connecting vScope to Microsoft Active Directory, you can collect Users, Groups, Group Policies, Organizational Units, and Devices, to enrich your inventory even further. vScope uses the LDAP protocol to establish a connection, this means that you can also use the connector to connect to other directory services.

Notice: If you want to collect assets from Microsoft Entra (Azure Active Directory), check out this guide:

Connecting to Azure (Azure AD, Microsoft 365 Defender, and Intune)

Enter authentication details

  • Go to Discovery > Credential > + Credential.
  • Enter the credential details for authentication. You must use an account with sufficient permission to read users, groups, and devices from the data source.
  • Select the Service Type AD, if you want to connect to Active Directory
  • Keep the Connection Type and Bind Method Type to Plain (works for 99%) of the Active Directory configurations.

Advanced settings: Custom inventory

  • Use Advanced settings to customize how, and what you want to inventory from Active Directory.
  • Search Base DN (limit to sub-tree) enables you to only read specific parts of the Domain Tree. Eg. if the users you are interested in exist in a specific branch (often country or organizational unit). Here is the Base DN if I only want to inventory assets in Users within my domain vscope.local:

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