Clear disk space for vScope

Due to vScope keeping track of any historical changes in your IT environment, the disk usage of the vScope installation will increase the longer you run vScope. By default, vScope will prune historical data older than 60 months to handle this increasing disk size (See #2 below), meaning that the increase will subside after five years.

Howerver, sometimes you might want to free disk space if your vScope installation grows too large. However, you cannot just clear data since it contains critical information related to backup

Here are two ways to safely clear disk space for vScope:

Before we start: Consider increasing the disk size

vScope’s database is very resource-efficient and will not grow at a high rate. Before clearing disk space, you should consider just increasing the disk size. Eg. 20 GBytes.

1. Reset vScope’s database model

You can reset your entire vScope model under Settings > Database & Backup.
Important: This cannot be undone!

2. Lower the time frame for history

By default, vScope saves up to five years of history before starting to erase historical data. Five years of historical information requires more disks. Therefore, to save disk space you can lower the time frame by which vScope stores history, eg. three or two years. This has to be done with the guidance of our technicians so if needed please contact us at